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On July 26, 26 years ago, Acqua Sant'Anna was born. The 20th century was ending, it was the dawn of a new century that would revolutionize all our habits. And there we were, bringing into the homes of Italians the most precious commodity, the one that no revolution can oust: water. We were born into a world that was transforming, and we silently followed it, step by step.

This is why we decided to celebrate our first 26 years with the first NFTs Collection: because we feel part of the generational leap. The collection comes out on September 26, 2022 in honor of a number we are strongly attached to and will be divided into two types of rarities: 2 Premium and 6 Basic.

Each NFT, depending on the level of rarity, corresponds to a benefit in the real world: to cross a bridge that saw us born in the pre-internet era and live in a digital present.

All proceeds from the sale of the Collection will be donated to charity.

Walce Onlus - Women Against Lung Cancer in Europe - operates at San Luigi (Orbassano, TO) to support patients and their families, in the area of primary prevention: the mission is to be a point of reference for people with lung cancer and mesothelioma and their families, with the goal of improving all aspects of care and quality of life.

The collection


Truly living in the present time means never forgetting who we have been and have an idea of who we want to become. For this reason, the two premium NFTs represent the past and the future and offer exclusive benefits that allow you to redeem experiences in the real world.

The Origin
by Acqua Sant'Anna
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how we were

The Origin

Where everything was born. The first piece of the collection recalls the origin, the birth: our first bottle, the first label through which Sant’Anna introduced itself to the world.
Today it becomes a digital icon, a piece embedded in history.
This NFT is not for sale: we gifted a copy to every Sant’Anna employee.
Questo NFT non sarà in vendita: ne regaleremo una copia ad ogni dipendente Sant’Anna. For us, this is a way to thank all the people who, every day, make history with us.

where we go

The Future

There are only five copies to imagine the future. In 1996, we didn’t know that our first label would have become an NFT. Today, we don’t know what will come in the next 26 years, but we know the path we decided to take.

For this reason, the purchase is worth an exclusive two-days Sant'Anna Experience and a one-on-one meeting with the President and CEO of Fonti di Vinadio Spa - Acqua Sant'Anna Group, Alberto Bertone. It will be an opportunity to share our vision of today's and tomorrow's world, and to understand together where we are going.


a one-on-one meeting with the President and CEO Acqua Sant'Anna S.p.A, Alberto Bertone
1 Pass Experience in the Sant'Anna plants, with a guided tour
1 overnight stay in the Stura di Demonte Valley with a dinner based on typical local products
1 guided excursion to discover the Sant'Anna waterfall
1 private transfer from Turin to Vinadio
The Future
by Acqua Sant'Anna
8 eth
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Eternal Values

The essential

Between the origin and the future there is a middle land, made by the values that have guided us until today. Thus, in a world that trains us to move in instability, we have represented in digital works the six fixed points of Sant'Anna: they are the indispensable part, the backbone on which everything stands. Sustainability, a beacon that we look carefully at as we handle plastic. We learned to do it well thanks to the Eco Bottle made of recycled plastic and the Bio Bottle, our solution to leave no traces of our passage thanks to the total absence of oil. Innovation, the direction that has allowed us to have an innovative plant: a complex technological enterprise where packaging and handling are entrusted to laser-guided robots to save fuel and eliminate the risk of accidents at work. The lightness, thanks to a low fixed residue is one of the lightest waters in the world that makes drinking a pleasure before a necessity.

But they are not the only values we have: discover them all in our Collection.


1 Golden Pass for the inauguration of the Metaverso Sant'Anna
1 Pass Experience in the Sant'Anna plants, with a guided tour.

The Sant'Anna

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